Bicycle Repairs & Maintenance

Tune-ups/Overhaul/Custom Builds

If you purchase a bike from TRUE BMX we offer free tune ups within the first year of your purchase!

Clean bike:(dirty bike surcharge)

Basic Tune Ups: No charge up to the first year of purchase from TRUE BMX PRO SHOP complete bike or custom build

Basic Tune-Up: Brake Adjustment, Spot wheel true, Lube Brake Housing, Clean chain, Correct torque specification for bottom bracket and cranks adjust headset

Deluxe tune up: Basic tune up plus complete wheel true

Overhaul: Complete break down and rebuild plus a deluxe tune-up


  • Wheel Build
  • Install tire/tube off bike
  • Install tire/tube on bike
  • Wheel True $15.00 each
  • Front Spoke Replacement
  • Rear Spoke Replacement
  • Front Wheel Build
  • Rear Wheel Build
  • Front Hub Overhaul
  • Rear Hub/Freehub Overhaul
  • Install New Front Wheel
  • Install New Rear Wheel
  • Adjust Cones


  • Install Chain
  • Install Freewheel/Cassette
  • Install Chainrings
  • Install/Overhaul Bottom Bracket
  • Adjust Bottom Bracket
  • Install Bottom Bracket
  • Clean and Tune Drivetrain
  • Install Cranks
  • Install Pedals


  • Install Brake Set
  • Adjust Brake/Install Pads
  • Install Brake Cable
  • Install Cables Gyro
  • Install Brake Lever

Headtube & HandleBars:

  • Adjust Headset
  • Install Headset
  • Overhaul Headset
  • Install Gyro Headset
  • Install Rigid Fork
  • Install Handlebar
  • Install Grips
  • Install Stem
  • Install Bars


  • Install Computers
  • Install Saddle/Seat
  • Install Cleats on Shoes